Can I Use a 16x25x1 Furnace Filter in My Home Heating System?

Filters are only effective when air passes through them. The filter has air resistance, while a gap does not, so if you leave a 1-inch gap, an excessive amount of air will flow through the hole, making the situation worse. Additionally, when the oven and air conditioner work with dirty 16x25x1 air filters, parts wear out faster. The basic function of an oven filter is similar to that of an AC air filter, except it applies to “hot air” instead of “cooled air”.The smaller filter area will act like a partially dirty filter, but you can use it temporarily.

Most central air systems use two separate filters to properly filter out unwanted particles, allergens, bacteria, and more. You can easily check the size of the old filter on their site; the size is usually shown on the filter's cardboard frame. You can take a look at the wide range of oven filters online and replace the one you already have. However, if possible, homeowners should exchange the 16x25x1 air filters for a sturdier option that requires less maintenance and attention. While air conditioning filters and oven filters are not identical, they are not completely separate products either.

Some homeowners who prioritize energy savings and indoor air quality consider resizing their furnace filter chamber. Because 16 x 25 x 1 air filters cannot maintain filtration, homeowners risk aggravating allergies and compromising respiratory comfort. If you need a replacement air filter or heating filter, buy from Filterbuy and get your new air filters delivered to your door. It's important to note that because the filtration process is the same between air filters and oven filters, some homes use a single filtration system or type of air filter for hot and cold air. While both the air filter and the boiler filter serve the same purpose - cleaning the air in your home - there are key differences such as location of the filter, lifespan, level of filtration, and cost.

Differences are beginning to emerge between heating filters and air conditioning filters in older homes or those with special heating and cooling needs (such as homes in New England where winter weather is much more intense than here in Alabama).