How Often Should You Change a 16x25x1 Furnace Filter?

Most 16x25x1 furnace filters need to be changed every two to three months, but the frequency of replacement can vary depending on your lifestyle and usage. Generally, it is recommended to replace the filter at least once every 90 days. However, if the filter is made of fiberglass, experts suggest changing it every 30 days due to its relatively low quality. On the other hand, pleated filters that are more expensive can last up to six months if replaced once every three months.

HVAC professionals agree that furnace filters should be replaced every 90 days or three months. This timeframe may differ depending on the thickness of the filter. Thicker filters have more space to accumulate dirt and dust, so they don't need to be changed as often. Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling and Plumbing of Ohio suggests replacing filters that are less than 2 inches thick every 30 to 90 days.

Three- or 4-inch filters can last 6 to 9 months, while filters up to 6 inches thick can be replaced annually. Fiberglass air filters are cheaper but less efficient in capturing dust and particles from the air. They usually need to be changed every 30 days or less. The filter is placed in a shared air controller where it cleans the air before it is diverted to the conditioning unit or furnace.

Honeywell furnace filters have the same replacement recommendations as standard filters. If you don't change your furnace filter regularly, you may end up with a furnace that doesn't work as efficiently and has a shorter lifespan. Dirty furnace filters can cause problems with heating and cooling equipment, home comfort, and indoor air quality. The filter is used to clean the air of contaminants and dust before it enters the furnace system.

During winter when the furnace is used more often, you will have to replace the filter more frequently. The main purpose of a furnace filter is not to clean the air you breathe but to clean the air that passes through the furnace and other air conditioning equipment. Changing furnace filters regularly has a big impact on home comfort and indoor air quality, as well as on the performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of the air conditioning system. There are some factors that can shorten or extend the time between furnace filter replacement intervals.

Your specific situation is unique, but most air filtration experts agree that furnace filters have an overall lifespan. Not all HVAC systems need furnace filters, so you may not have realized that your furnace filter needs to be changed. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, you should change your furnace filters more often. In summer and winter, homeowners often change their furnace filters more often than in fall and spring.

If you have air quality problems in your home, your furnace filter won't last as long as it would in a home with good indoor air quality.