What is the Difference Between a 16x25x1 Furnace Filter and Other Sizes?

When it comes to furnace filters, understanding the difference between nominal size and actual size is essential. Nominal size is the dimensions that are typically used to label the filter, while actual size is the exact measurements of the filter. Knowing the difference between these two measures can help you choose the right filter for your oven or air conditioning system. The nominal size of a filter is a rounded value of its real measurements.

This determines how effectively it can clean the air and contribute to energy efficiency. Square air filters and other filters in unique or customized shapes and sizes can be designed for specific ecological applications. If the filter is too small, it will come loose and some of the air (and debris) will not pass through it. Not understanding these numbers often leads consumers to buy a filter that doesn't fit their oven or air conditioning system.

To determine the appropriate filter size, measure the existing filter or consult the manufacturer's specifications. Forcing an incorrectly sized filter can cause it to warp, damage, or reduce its ability to function properly. You can quickly take a look at the wide range of oven filters on the Internet and replace the one you already have. Sometimes, you might need a custom filter size if your device doesn't use standard filter dimensions.

You can easily check the size of your old filter on their site; the size is usually shown on the filter's cardboard frame. The size of your oven filter will largely depend on your oven, air conditioner, climate unit, or other filter input tray. Reusable and washable air filters offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable filters. For more information, see the Guide to Furnace Filter Sizes.